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Shipping normally takes 3-8 working days and the package is usually sent to your nearest pick-up spot. Haven't received your order? Remember to double check your post-mail, that's usually where you get the notification that your package has arrived!

I ship my parcels with in recycled packiging with Postnords Skicka Direkt service to keep my shippingcosts as low as possible. The parcels do not have tracking unfortunatly, but they ofcourse all have AVS (RTS, return to sender) so your package can’t be lost.

If your package does somehow get lost, I urge you to 1. check your postal mail to see so that you havn’t missed the notice. 2. Double check to see that your shippinginformation is correct, and if it’s not, reach out to me instantly. 3. Double check your Postnord App!

If those thee steps are done and you still havn’t recieved your package, please contact me and we will sort everything out!



  • Since this is a second hand clothing store, you are unfortunatly not eligible for a return. Also, since this is an online-shop, due to the environmental aspect of sending your product back versus sending it forward, I have chosen to not accept returns, but rather to see your products being sent forward to a new owner. I will ofcourse help you with this, continue to read!
  • If you are displeased with your product and don't want it, first of all, i'm sorry! But, please re-sell it! Just reach out to me and I will send you all the product pictures of the piece to help you re-sell the garment as easily as possible. 
  • You are very welcome to use the name Palmerbrace Vintage as a selling point when you are re-selling the products, after all, there is a high demand on all of the pieces I sell on this platform.
  • If you however have recieved an item that you don’t feel has been described proporly with size, quality, brand etc, that’s totally on me and you will ofcourse be able to get a full return. 



If there are any sort of problems, you can reach me anytime via mail or Instagram. (Quicker respons via e-mail!)

  • fanny.jobb@live.se
  • palmerbracevintage @IG



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