Terms & Conditions


Shipping normally takes 4-6 days and is usually send to your nearest pick-up spot. Haven't received your order? Remember to double check your post-mail, that's usually where you get the notification that your package has arrived!



  • Since this is a second hand clothing store, you are not eligible for a return. Also since this is an online-shop, due to the environmental aspect of sending your product back verses sending it forward, I have chosen to not accept returns, but to rather see your products being sent to a new owner. 
  • If you are displeased with your product and don't want it, first of all, i'm sorry! But, please re-sell it! Just reach out to me and I will send you all the product pictures of the piece to help you re-sell the garment as easily as possible. 
  • You are very welcome to use the name Palmerbrace Vintage as a selling point when you are re-selling the products, after all, there is a high demand on all of the pieces I re-sell. 



If there are any sort of problems, you can reach me anytime via mail or Instagram. (Quicker respons via instagram!)

  • fanny.jobb@live.se
  • palmerbracevintage @IG



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